Magic Melds Reality

I solemnly swear that I am up to no good.

Because today, I want to ruffle some feathers. I want to talk about something that everybody ignores and scoffs at. Something that nobody truly believes in.


Today is a wonderful day to talk about magic.

Twenty years ago, on this very day, Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone was released in the UK. To this day, Harry Potter’s legacy of magic – of the impossible, lives on. But is magic really so impossible?

As a Potterhead myself, I was curious to find out what the Potterblinds thought of the wizarding world. So, I asked around. And the answers I got were dragons, wands, spells, magic and flying broomsticks.

If you are a Potterblind yourself, and you think the same thing, I want you to ask yourself ‘Why do so many people, kids and adults alike, adore this Harry Potter world?’ Why indeed? Because all these people want to fly on broomsticks? Because they want to live in a castle and learn magic and fight dragons and dementors? Because they think casting spells and brewing potions is cool?

Hell yes! Yes to all of those things! But no. Not really.

It is so much more than that.

We love it because we can relate to it. Because we feel like it is a part of our world. And it is. Even though we don’t have dragons and Quidditch and wands in our world, we do have something important – magic.

So, what is magic? And how does it fit into reality?

Well, my answer to that it magic is reality.

The magic inside you shapes your reality. It changes your world.

I believe there are two kinds of magic – the kind that exists outside in the world and the magic inside you.

The magic out there in the world is responsible for all the people you meet, the thunderstorms and the pleasant weather, the money that you find in your washed jeans, the opportunities you stumble onto, the friends you make, and all the things that happen to you. Magic is there, constantly at work, shaping your world every second, making your life a different one than those of the rest of the 7 billion people on the planet.

The second kind of magic is the magic within you. It is something that you control. Something that you have complete power over. It gives you power so that you happen to the world.

Like J.K. Rowling herself once said, “It is important to believe that we all have magic inside us.

Your magic gives you power to shape your reality the way you want. You can change things and influence a difference in people around you with your actions and words. You can just say a few words and change the way somebody thinks. You can write a few sentences and get people to understand something new. You can splash paint on a canvas and enchant people for hours.

You put some time and effort, create something, and it’s there! Just like that! Out there in the world. Something that you created out of barely anything!

Magic is everywhere.

When I see my sister fumbling with her guitar, making music by plucking some strings, I see magic. When I see someone knitting, and they make a warm sweater out of mere strands of wool, I see magic. When I look at arbitrary ink squiggles on sheets of paper (that people call books) and learn something from it and make something out of it, I see magic. When I compliment someone, and my words make someone smile and create happiness in that person, I see magic.

We underestimate the powerful magic in us and keep it prisoner by locking it in our shackles of cynicism.

Well, no more.

Today, I’m telling you to let your magic free. Let it take control and change the direction of your life. Magic is not childish or imaginary. Magic is powerful. Your magic will give you the power and strength to live your life in the best way you possibly can!

It’ll be scary. When in moments of doubt, you’ll have to jump off the Astronomy tower and trust that you’ll fly without a broomstick, that you’ll soar; and that even if you fall, your friends will cushion the ground for you.

It won’t be easy either. Bludgers will try to knock you off your broom, centaurs will try and intimidate you, the people you trust might be hiding wolfy secrets from you in abandoned shacks, your friend might try to hide a half-giant secret and get you into trouble!

And you might yourself go wrong in certain places too. You may try to turn a goblet of water into rum and instead set it on fire. You may try to turn your stupid fat rat yellow and do absolutely nothing. You might try to help your friends and end up nearly dying, or worse expelled.

But in middle of all the wrong, sometimes, things will go ridiculously overwhelmingly right! You will find friends who will fight a mountain troll for you. You’ll find a godfather who loves you so much he’ll escape from prison and live off rats in a cave, as a dog just so he can keep you safe. (Probably not, but who knows? Maybe!) You’ll find mentors who will help you fight the monster in your head.

You’ll find something worth fighting for.

I’m no Seer and I think Divination is rubbish, but I do know this. Follow your heart, embrace your magic and you’ll realize that you can get past the angry dragon and get your golden egg; you can get past the merpeople and save your hostage.

You can do anything.

Your magic will help you. But, unfortunately, we muggles don’t have wands. We need to use magic another way. By believing.

We need to believe.

You need to believe that you can do magic. That you have magic. That your magic can change your world. That you can change your world.

Not pray, think or hope. But believe. Believe without a doubt, believe without a speck of hesitation.

Believe and all the parts of your reality that doesn’t make sense quite yet will all piece themselves together. Magic, your magic, will meld them into a whole picture that will make complete sense one day.

And if you’re still not convinced that magic is real, remember, even in the wizarding world, the strongest magic that exists is known to us all.

It was Lily’s love for Harry that saved his life and made him lierally untouchable to Voldemort. It was Albus Dumbledore’s love for his sister Ariana that helped him defeat Gellert Grindelwald. It was Narcissa’s love for Draco that gave her the courage to lie to Voldemort. It was Snape’s love for Lily that gave him the conviction to betray Voldemort. It was Harry’s love for Sirius and his hope for a better future that gave him the happiness required to cast his first patronus.

If you still think magic is something out of our reach – something imaginary and false, then let me inform you that Ms. Mathilda Grimblehawk from the Muggle Liaison Office will visit you tomorrow for your official obliviation and memory modification to remove all evidence of the former information presented above from your memory.

So, if you can still remember this tomorrow, that means you’ve got hope! You can still believe in magic. Even if you don’t want to and think it’s absolutely ridiculous, somewhere in your heart, you want to believe. So work on that. Embrace your magic.

Albus Dumbledore once said, “Words are, in my not-so-humble opinion, our most inexhaustible source of magic.

So that is what I tried to do by writing this. Get people believing. Make some magic.

Mischief managed. 😉




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