Dream Pursuit

Dreams are the soul’s fuel. Our dreams drive us to what we desire. They hold great power over our lives. With dreams, our lives burn as bright as the sun and as devastatingly beautiful as lightning storms.

Contrary to popular belief, dreaming is a very important exercise. The right dream can be like a surge of electricity, driving you to your chosen destiny, constantly giving you reasons to get out of bed everyday and work tirelessly towards your goal. Other dreams give you the priceless power to look like you’re concentrating while you’re actually just staring in the general direction of the teacher, occasionally nodding and pretending like you’re understanding, or even listening to what your teacher is talking about.

Either way, dreaming is imperative to your life.

Dreams are of different kinds. It could be breaking the high score on Candy Crush or it could be winning the lottery and becoming a billionaire. It could be buying a badass car or it could be having above 85% attendance before your exams. These are the dreams that fall into the ‘I wish…’ category. You really want to do it, you hope you do it and you try to do it. But at the end of the day, you’ll probably annoy yourself into uninstalling Candy Crush and will be delighted if your attendance is above 75% in all subjects.

But each person has that one dream.

That one dream that shoves their world off its axis. That dream which gets their blood pumping. That dream which plagues them in their sleep. That dream that means everything.

That dream which is everything.

It’s different for everybody, but no less equivocal in their intensity or importance.

This dream takes over your life. It changes your destination. These roads will be more rocky, unstable and risky, but maa kasam the view is fucking great.

It’s hard enough to find such a dream when you’re a teenager binge watching Game of Thrones and still hoping that your Hogwarts letter got lost in the mail. But you know what’s horrible? The people who do have their dreams being disturbed and discouraged by the mediocrities around them.

A career-driven man or woman isn’t giving enough importance to getting married. The student who quit engineering to become a DJ is crazy and is letting his/her parents down. People who have chosen a career path with an ‘unsecure’ future are constantly belittled and mocked by those around them.

Anything that people disagree with, they refuse to accept. You see, you might think that those two things go hand in hand. They don’t. You can disagree with something or somebody, but still be mature enough to accept it. Not to mention that it doesn’t even matter if you agree or not, if it really isn’t your life at stake. People just flit about throwing around and distributing their opinions like candy on a Halloween night. Ignore them.

Now, if you’ve got anything that you’re working towards, just remember it’s not going to be easy. Usually, the bigger the goal, the bigger the hurdles. But if you find an easy way, take it. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Just accept it and go about your merry way. Sometimes, we humans tend to make things difficult for ourselves even when they’re quite simple.

But when things get difficult, and they usually do, just hold your ground. When you feel like the whole world is pit against you and is slowly trying to push you back, remember why you started. Remember why you’re doing what you’re doing. Remember what kept you going till that moment. Channel all that and then, you push back.

You dig your feet into the ground, put your shoulders into it and you push back and you push hard. You push until your limbs tremble; you push until your feet dig furrows into the ground and froth foams at your lips. Hold your ground. Don’t give them an inch. And then, keep one foot in front of another and move forward. Move and keep moving until you break through and find your place. Your goal. Your destination.

In the words of Will Smith, ‘Don’t ever let somebody tell you, you can’t do something. You got a dream? You gotta protect it. People can’t do something themselves, they want to tell you you can’t do it. You want something? Go get it. Period!

Another thing they tell you about pursuing your dream is that you shouldn’t take it too seriously. It isn’t the end of the world if it isn’t successful. True. Your life won’t end with one failure. But you cannot start out anything with a safety net or an emergency exit at hand. You are the person taking your dreams most seriously. Nobody is going to give more importance to your dreams than you are. That means, you decide how important your dreams are. You decide your dream’s worth. Don’t riddle your dream with the possibility of failure before you even start. Failing is not an option when you start. Failing is a reality after you’ve tried.

So, don’t fail and try again. Try and fail again.

I’m usually an encourager of moderation. But I must admit, when it comes to the matter of following one’s dreams, I’m extreme. If you want to do something, and absolutely nothing will stop you from doing it, then go you! Moderation has no place when it comes to hard work.

And if you haven’t found your electrifying dream yet, then work hard to find it. Try new things. Make new memories. Have new experiences. Fight for the chance to find that dream. Work hard to search for it. Chances are, it’ll find you.

Go with your gut feeling. Always.

And remember, the thing about moving forward is that you leave something behind. Every step you take forward, you’re leaving something behind. When we gain something, we lose something else. And it’s not always a bad thing. With every step into adolescence, we lost our childish innocence. But with the same steps, we also grew just a little bit wiser of our world. With time, we have traded our child-like innocence to get rid of our ignorance.

The same way, you’ll lose a few things and gain some more along the way. You just have to decide if those things are worth losing or not.

Once I’ve set my eyes on something, wild horses couldn’t drag me away from them. On the other hand, I also know when to quit if I need to.

Dreams are important. But your sanity is too. Some dreams drive you insane until you question everything in your life. If that ever happens, abandon that dream because it is not yours. Not really. It was given to you by someone that your brain is rejecting now. When it’s something that you want, you’ll know it in your bones.

And when you find something that precious, protect it. Don’t leave room for anyone to stain it with their doubt. It’s your dream. It’s a part of you. Don’t compromise a part of you to live up to the expectations of other people. Sure, we don’t have the luxury of choice always. Sometimes, our hands are tied.

But as Daario Naharis from Game of Throne says, ‘Everyone has a choice. Even slaves have a choice: death or slavery.’ Seems a bit harsh and out of context, but you get the idea.

As for the kind of dreams that you get when you’re asleep, they’re kinda important too as they determine how the rest of you day goes. So, my advice for that is to read a good book before you go to sleep. They give you the best dreams. And do not binge-watch shows like Game of Thrones or Supernatural or Prison Break because if your brain is as imaginative as mine, then you’ll have an overload of information, have confusing dreams about the numerous TV characters, sleep for a maximum of 4 hours and wake up with a splitting headache!

So, happy dreaming!

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